How to Get Instagram Followers Quickly?


One of the most popular social networks of our time is Instagram. Here everyone tries to share his impressions, success, to tell everyone about his life. Also, its capabilities are used by many companies for promoting their services. In this article we will look at the main methods of attracting the target audience, and also try to figure out how to get 20 free Instagram followers quickly.


  • Instagram followers
  • Account optimization
  • Ways of attracting users
  • Tagging
  • Instagram followers boost
  • Using bots
  • Features of bots
  • Conclusion

Instagram followers

There are many natural ways of increasing followers. But this will take a long time.

Account optimization

To make your account more attractive for users, consider the following:

• select subject – it will help to structure the material added and improve the search on the page;

• enter interesting and useful information in the account description – this will give a general idea of ​​your activities and interests, also add a unique hashtag, if you have one;

• choose a bright photo that reflects the essence of your activity – it is good if it will be made personally or will be as close to the subject as possible;

• try to link your Instagram profile with other accounts – this way you don’t have to duplicate the same post in different social networks, which will attract more people to the news;

• make your profile open – so users can get familiar to the contents of the page and decide if the information is useful for them.

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Ways of attracting users

Try these effective methods:

• link your account to the ones with the similar subject – this will significantly increase the likelihood of a response among the target audience;

• put likes to any thematic publications – this will help to get reciprocal likes;

• leave meaningful comments, treat work of other account holders with attention;

• try to write a personal message to a person with a small number of followers but with an interesting account – this may encourage him to follow you in response;

• publish posts regularly – preferably at the same time, to make it easier to follow your news.


To make it easier to find you, use tags:

• add several thematic hashtags to the photo (Instagram allows using about 30 ones to a publication);

• try to use popular hashtags, but do not overuse it, since your record could be lost among many other posts in the network;

• create your own unique hashtag and use it under every post;

• add places, so that the residents of a particular location will be able to find your publication quickly;

• do not use hashtags on other topics.

Instagram followers boost

If you do not have time for a natural increase of followers, now there are many opportunities to do it artificially. Consider the most popular methods of how to get more followers on Instagram. Cheat is one of the most famous ways.

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Using bots

You can use purchased followers. But they cannot bring real profit. Just visually increase the number of people following the account.

You can also use the features of special apps. It can independently like and follow users. For this you can specify the desired parameters in settings.

Features of bots

They can leave comments. But in most cases, they do it unconsciously. Therefore, such messages are perceived as spam and may be blocked by users.


Choose the most convenient and effective method of promoting your account and getting followers. You can use more than one method, which will significantly increase your chances to success.

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