How to Get Followers Quickly?


Instagram is a popular social network where millions of people are registered. Standing out among so many users is not an easy task. The question of how to increase the number of followers becomes particularly acute for those who want to promote their brand. This article will help to figure out how to get 1000 followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

• Simple tips for getting followers.
• Adding information about yourself.
• Subject of the account.
• Frequency of posts.
• Tagging.
• Instagram followers.
• Why might you need an increase of the followers’ number?
• Using special services.
• Conclusion

Simple tips for getting followers

It is not necessary to pay big money for increasing the number of people on your page. Simply follow the simple methods listed below.

Adding information about yourself

Edit your profile. For this go to its settings. You should specify the following data:

• link to the other resource or account in another social network;
• a brief description of your activity and interests;
• login and nickname, which will distinguish you among others;
• individual hashtag, by which it will be possible to find your posts.

Link profiles in other social networks to your account. This way you will increase the number of views. Also, you do not have to duplicate information.

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Subject of the account

If your account does not have any strict structuring or orientation, your followers may get bored and start unfollowing you. So try to invent something on your own or use the following ideas:

• healthy lifestyle;
• bakery products;
• interesting places;
• information technology;
• hobby.

Frequency of posts

Try adding some new posts at least once a day. To keep your audience constantly growing, try the following:

• make interesting and unique content within the same subject;
• place dynamic data, such as videos, using special services;
• add posts in the morning or in the evening when the most active users are online.


To make your publications to be found easier, try using hashtags:

• place about 20 hashtags to increase the range of possible users;
• use popular subject tags, try not to write anything not concerning your topic;
• make content that matches the hashtag, then you can get attention;
• create unique hashtags to make it easier to find your particular publications among others.

Instagram followers

Everyone wants to create an interesting account with the unique content. Followers themselves will reach you. Therefore, we’ll explain the basic ways of how to get followers on Instagram app.

Why might you need an increase of the followers’ number?

Increasing the target audience may be necessary in such cases:

1. You have a low level of popularity. This is not a reason to give up. Create an individual style, find or come up with some kind of zest, something that will allocate you.
2. Temporary stagnation in business. In this case, it is worthwhile to focus on advertising on Instagram. Here there are so many users, that you can find and attract your target audience.
3. Show your hobby. Share interesting publications from a trip to the seaside, a hike or your drawings. So you can quickly find like-minded people.
4. Using an account as a means of additional income. A high-quality account will not only become popular, but also earn extra money.

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Using special services

Using special services is one of the popular methods of attracting followers. This gives you an opportunity to express yourself, as well as to attract the target audience. This method is especially useful for the beginners.

Do not expect that you will get real followers quickly. Moreover, advertisers risk cooperating with such accounts, considering that their investments will not be justified.


Everyone must choose the most effective method for themselves. In any case, these simple tips will help to significantly increase the quality of the content that will attract your audience.

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