How to Achieve Popularity on TikTok


Among all the emerging social networks, the most interesting one is TikTok, a convenient service for publishing videos. However, unlike its Western competitors, such as Instagram, TikTok includes a convenient advanced video editor. Actually, the entire user experience is about this editor. Due to the ease of use, users find it easy to realize Tik Tok video ideas.


  • Following trends
  • Recent topics
  • Promotion
  • New followers
  • Growth of likes and views number
  • Professional promotion

Following trends

To make your account popular, you have to take into consideration all the components of success. One of the main things is posting up-to-date content. It is very important to constantly monitor the current Tik Tok trends 2019. This way, users can enjoy watching your content. And this immediately gives a serious increase of all the key indicators: followers, likes, comments, views.

Recent Topics

To be precise, the most interesting topic for the whole world in the coming months is the final season of the “Game of Thrones” series. Most likely, any videos on this topic will collect a lot more likes and views. If we consider other Tik Tok video ideas, the video about the latest news or a Tik Tok new vine seems quite promising. Everything is simple: look at the current news feed, try to find there something interesting. Play with the news in your video, arrange hashtags and get a lot of views and positive feedback from the viewers!


How to gain new followers and to ensure a stable growth of likes and views in your account? There are several traditional methods for this: advertising and hype. With advertising it is all clear: there are built-in tools for promoting a TikTok account. As for the HYPE, it results from the previous paragraph. If you publish relevant content regularly, you will gain more and more viewers.

New followers

How to attract viewers? It is necessary to show your presence in the social network: follow other accounts, post new content actively, reply to the comments. You can always try to touch the sensitive issues to draw attention to yourself. This will allow creating a certain image that will attract new viewers.

Growth of likes and views number

Another challenge is to ensure a stable growth of likes and views. However, if you maintain your image and publish interesting content, this problem will be solved. You can also agree with other users on mutual PR: they mention you in their stories, and you mention them in yours. This is convenient and will allow getting a little more of a boost of views and likes.

Professional promotion

However, the most efficient way is using the professional help from the All-SMM team. You will get an integrated promotion, and the number of likes, followers and views will grow by leaps and bounds. If you want to save your time and effort, it is best to contact the experts in promotion.

The most popular ways to achieve popularity on TikTok have been discussed in this article. We hope that it was useful and you will put our advice into practice.

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